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Arterial Wood Designs was founded to provide another option for individuals facing lower limb amputation when surgical revascularization is not possible. All profits from the sales of these hand-crafted wood tables will be used to provide an arterial assist device – the ArtAssist®, for those unable to afford it.

My name is Barb Gentilli, and I am a product specialist for the ArtAssist pneumatic compression device. This FDA approved pump has over 60 research papers documenting its effectiveness in promoting arteriogenesis and saving limbs. This non-surgical method to increase arterial blood flow into the lower limbs is a very real option to avoid a toe, foot, or leg amputation.

When Medicare chose to no longer reimburse for the device, the need did not go away. The calls continued but for those who could not afford to pay $1200 to rent the device, becoming an amputee was about to become a reality.

I chose to do something about it, and sell my hand crafted tables to acquire pumps for the patients who need them. I hope you find something you like and will choose to support our cause.

Live Edge Tables

Using locally supplied wood, trees that might normally be removed and used for firewood are repurposed and made into beautiful tables and other items. By purchasing a table, someone out there that is facing amputation may have another shot at saving their limb.

I think they will become prized possessions and will always give the reminder that a very real contribution was made in preventing an amputation for another human being, and the pleasure it gives to know – “you made a difference to that one.”

Salvaged Wood
Gets a New Life

Here a stack of beetle-kill blue pine is waiting to be repurposed into coffee tables and matching end tables. It is absolutely gorgeous in texture and vibrant with hues of tan, brown, red, orange and blue/black. The strands of black are remnants of a now non-living fungus left behind by the beetles. Most of the beetle kill pine is from Colorado, South Dakota, Montana and Idaho.



Coffee, sofa and side tables are made from blue pine, walnut, and cherry. It is a priority to support local lumber mills and Wisconsin Urban Wood and promote the use of repurposed wood.

Specialty Items

Custom options are available and new items are added weekly.

What is the ArtAssist®?

The ArtAssist device is a home use compression pump connected to leg sleeves that inflate and deflate with rapid impulse inflation. By increasing blood flow to the lower limb, it will treat intermittent claudication (painful walking), peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and critical limb ischemia (CLI). With daily use the device decreases rest pain and heals non-healing arterial wounds. The ArtAssist is a fully FDA approved device with over 60 research papers. Read about the details on the ACI Medical website.

Artisan Made

Each piece of wood is chosen for its unique characteristics such as grain, color, texture and structural integrity. It is gratifying to know the tree in its natural state – producing oxygen and giving shelter to birds, lives on in its usefulness. It is given a new life as a functional piece of furniture or a work of art.

Make a Purchase — Make a Difference

Items created for sale change regularly. To view all available products and for pricing and shipping information, visit the product gallery. See something you love? Email me, or call or text (608) 616-2950 and I’ll set it aside for you!

Making A Difference


I am so grateful to have had the ArtAssist pump. It helped the circulation in my legs and I won’t have to have to lose the toes on my left foot.

— Mary J.


Madison, Wisconsin

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